Journey to Peru 2012

Journey to the Sacred Valley and Beyond
July 16 – 23, 2012 (7 day Guided Journey)
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$2470 Trip Cost
$1,235 Reservation deposit

 $1,235 Final Payment Due June 15, 2012
Cost includes: accommodations, private ground transportation, tours, entrance fees, shamanic processes and teachings.

Awaken to the ancient wisdom of Peru and  the dreams of your becoming...
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Join us as we step into the unknown and awaken our hearts to the ancient wisdom of Pachamama (mother earth), ceremony, and rites of passage with Q’ero Elder Shamans. You will have the opportunity to explore the Andean Traditions and ancient archetypes deep within.  Share in ceremony, rites of initiation & munay (love) with the Q’ero Andean Elders on sacred sites. Enjoy mountains, rivers and archeological temples at Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. Open your heart to the local people, artisans, weavers, and traditional markets. Add yoga, breathwork, vibrational healing and massage to make your trip more enjoyable. Co-create experiences of joy, love, and gratitude on this beautiful journey together!

Journey Highlights:
  •  Ceremony and rites with Q’ero Elder Shamans
  •  Rites of the Munay Ki and Andean Traditions
  •  Excellent Hotel and Retreat Accommodations
  •  Visit Archeological Temples and Sites
  •  Travel by Train to Machu Picchu
  •  Soak in Hot Springs or Wander Ancient Markets
  •  Learn the Art of the Mesa
  •  Visit Cusco, the Center of the Andean World

Registration questions and more information at: or 1-801-542-9386
Co-created by Jamee Curtice, Starseed Creative, the Q'ero and YOU!