More on Journey Leader Jamee Curtice and Activations

Jamee Curtice is an Energy Medicine and Wellness Consultant. She has worked and trained with a variety of Qero and other indigenous elders. She leads Sacred Tours in Peru which allow you to go deep within yourself, discover those aspects you are ready to release, calling those new gifts you want to manifest. You will tour famous sacred sites such as the Temple of the Condor, Ollantaytambo, Moray, Temple of the Falcon, Temple of the Winds and the Waters, and, of course, Machu Picchu Sanctuary. 
           Jamee has trained with a variety of healing schools and traditions in Peru.  She taught with the Four Winds Light Body School for 9 years.  She currently teaches a variety of programs and curriculums that weave together the variety of ways to shift and heal.  She also travels to teach the Munay Ki, and the Tawantisuyu Andean Chakana Training Program.  She has taught in Laguna Beach, Sedona, AZ, and Sun Valley, Idaho.  She includes these teachings on her sacred tours.

While visiting Moray, there are several Shamanic Processes to share. We call to the Spirit of the Pachamama, and we often share one of the initiations in this site. We move through each location clearing themes that are held in various chakras.
You will explore how to commune with nature and work with the elements of earth, water, fire wind, and light. You begin to receive tools for clearing your light body.
In Macchu Picchu, we visit the Inti Huatana, hitching post of the sun, aligned with the four directions, The Tawantisiuyu, The Star Constellations, and the Sotolice and Equinoxes.
Jamee also leads trips to Lake Titicaca, including Uros, the floating Reed Islands, and Amantani or Taquile, and the Aramu Muru Portal. This doorway is an excellent place for you to journey and receive messages about yourself and your life.