Thursday, July 28, 2011

South Melbourne Commons Garden Wall

One of our workshops in Austraila was a two day FUN-damentals of earth bag workshop where over 20 participants built this garden retaining wall. Participants gained hands-on experience combined with lectures to explore adapting earthbag building to their climate and environment. Participants gained to knowledge to use locally available soils to create walls and domes.

The wall was built a part of a master plan for the South Melbourne Common's Cafe which included curved garden bed retaining walls. With the garden staff we explored ways of making this wall with the lowest impact and the least long-term maintenance. Most of the material and tools were made from the site. Soil was delivered from a near by construction project and screens were made found objects. The wall will be finished with an oxide added to match the historic blue stone.

 Here is a finished picture I just received from Melbourne Commons. Great job you guys! What a beautiful cafe space.