What We Offer

Shamanic Workshops and Inner Transformation

Stella and Neil facilitate multi-day workshops focusing on participants discovering their souls purpose and manifesting their dreams through numerology, archetypes, ceremony, and the ancient wisdom teachings of the medicine men and women of the Americas.  Stella also sees clients on a one on one basis and gives a presentations on recognizing and remapping archetypal patters that limit creative manifestation.

Earth Dome Building Workshops 
You are invited to co-create a living structure and build a beautiful space that will give you a sense of place and belonging during this multi day course.  Experience hands-on learning to prepare you to build your own home, studio, eco-village, or school. The focus of this workshop is to build in a way that connects the structure and the participants to the  energy flows of the planet. Stella reminds participants to use all of their six senses to touch, listen, taste, smell, see, and intuit their surroundings. This workshop covers how to test your soil, build foundations, all the steps of the earth-bag technique, forming window and door openings, natural plastering, and options for adapting domes to dry or wet climates.

If you are interest in attending or hosting a workshop in the USA or internationally please contact
Guiding Star Creations at guidingstarcreations@gmail.com   801-542-9386 

Kids Workshops
Lets play and explore together! Children connect to their creativity and to the earth through designing and building the way nature does.  If your school, camp, or day care program is interested in hosting  a workshop please contact us to plan out the length and project you want to co-create. Workshops range from 1hr to multiple days. 

We also teach multiple day workshop for older kids groups where we build an outdoor seating area, raised bed garden, or covered outdoor class room. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting or your child participating in a workshop. Perfect for Waldorf and charter schools.

1-3 Day Introductory Earthbag Workshop
Through building a raised bed garden, outdoor seating, or small dome you learn the basics of earth-bag construction, plastering, and the geometry and lay-out of a dome.  You gain hands on knowledge of how to use materials from your land to build raised beds, retaining walls, and benches. With the knowledge from this workshop participants are prepared to take the next step and experiment on their own.  This course is a condensed version of the 10 day course. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting or participating in a workshop.  
guidingstarcreations@gmail.com 1-801-542-9386

1-2 Hour Presentations

Starseed Creative presents on a variety of subjects including natural building, inner transformation, health and wellness, thriving companies and communities. Please contact us to schedule a presentation at your conference, festival, or community. guidingstarcreations@gmail.com 1-801-542-9386

Hosting an Earthbag Dome Workshop 
If you have taken a workshop using the earthbag or superadobe technique or if you have never seen earthbag construction before and would like to take the next step to build a dome, we would love to help facilitate a workshop on your or your community's land. We provide comprehensive support, guidance, and consultation. 

Click on Services Avalible for an Earthbag Workshop link or the image to the left for the full description of what we offer.

Please contact us to start planning your workshop four months in advance.
Consultation for a Workshop or Building Project
For those who are ready to lead their own workshop or project but need some guidance and coaching we provide consultation. The dome below was built by a family in Argentina after consulting with Guiding Star Creations to better define their intention for the land and this project.  

Please contact us to discuss your workshop or project. 
guidingstarcreations@gmail.com 1-801-5429386