About Us

Neil Decker and Adine (Stella) Michaels combine earth architecture, well-being, and inner transformation to create not just sustainable but thriving environments that nurture the body, mind and spirit. Neil and Stella love creating and being in structures and environments that instill a sense of magic, a sense of belonging, and a sense of self. Neil and Stella have facilitated workshops to a diverse range of groups in the USA, Mexico, New Zealand, and Australia.

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Neil first fell in love with round structures working in yurts as a ski guide in the mountains of Utah. Neil has been facilitating groups since 1996 as a ski instructor, river guide, ski patroller, university trips coordinator, and summer camp environmental director. Neil followed his passion in understanding the connection between humans and their environment by attaining a BA in American Studies emphasizing in Nature and the Environment and Culture and Diversity
Neil discovered earth bag building in 2005 through a presentation by Kaki Hunter and Donie Kiffmeyer (authors of "Earthbag Building") in Moab, Utah while while working as river guide. Neil continued his interest in earthbag building and
developing a connection to the environment through attending a year-long apprenticeship at the Cal-Earth Institute in 2006. As part of Neil’s apprenticeship he spent one month on a 700 square foot, 5 connecting dome project in Baja, Mexico. He also attended/co-taught 6 week-long workshops during his apprenticeship. In 2007 Neil finished his Cal-Earth apprenticeship to integrate permaculture principals into earthbag building by attended Lost Valley Educational Center's Permaculture Design Course. In 2008 Neil worked as assistant foreman on one of the first permited and code approved earth bag homes near Joshua Tree, California. The home consists of 11 connecting domes creating over 800 square ft  called the Double Eco-dome. Following this project Neil assisted teaching at Cal-Earth and was the lead teacher for one of Cal-Earth’s first distance learning workshops in Utah. Neil has been instrumental in helping to develop distance learning programs for Cal-Earth and continues to teach workshops for Guiding Star Creations in the USA, Mexico, New Zealand, and Australia.

Stella loves to dive into the expansive world of diversity and pure imagination and shines a big light on authentic expression.  Her inspiration shows up as shamanic ritual, energy healing, traveling, nature/self exploration, artistic creations, music, dance, and teaching.  Her love of creating and teaching lead her to a degree in the fine arts and working with the inner city youth at a multi-cultural gallery  as well as showing her own artwork. She also has an extensive background in working with technology and business. Through a life changing experience and the desire to explore the life force that was so strong during creativity, Stella started her exploration of the healing arts from many teachers here in the United States and well as seeking out  the indigenous teachings of shamanism around the world. Stella is also an Alumni of Cal-Earth Institute.  For the past 15 years Stella has used her intuitive knowing to facilitate groups and individuals to connect to their own inner guidance and expression to bring forth balance and well being into all experiences of life. 

Neil and Stella have continued their education in creating thriving environment through attending workshops and conferences in New Zealand, Australia, Oregon, and California.