Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Om Sweet Dome

This dome was built by Angel and his family in Tepoztland, Mexico with the assistance of Guiding Star Creations. It is the perfect size for a music studio, healing dome, or guest dome. The dome has a 13 ft (4m) interior diameter and features a loft space, custom glass door, windows, and skylight designed by Angel. The floor is a stained concrete slab and the material in side the bags is a mixture of earth, volcanic rock (tosontle), and 10% cement. The exterior is finished with a water proof paint and the interior is an earth paint finish. Angel teaches workshops in Mexico and he will be teaching in India the beginning of next year. Guiding Star Creations is look at the possibility of collaborating with Angel in India around April 2011. For more information in Spanish check out his blog at blog at


  1. Who is playing the song, please? And when are you guys coming to CancĂșn, Mexico? How do we collaborate or set up a tutorial or a course? Would this interest you guys? Thanks in advance!

    Antonio Found Matamoros Aterh₂sol SA. de CV.
    Founding Leader

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