Sunday, September 15, 2013

Reciprocal Roof Shade Structure Movie

Starseed Creative built and designed a 13ft interior diameter round structure for Burning Man called "The Starlet". This structure is built out of reclaimed PVC pipe sourced from a local rebuild center. We describe our structure as a cross between a yurt and a tipi. The structure provided amazing shelter from severe windstorms and the sun, it's low roof and round shape provided low wind resistance and easy construction.  Reciprocal roofs are designed so that each rafter carries the weight of the next so that no interior support is needed.  Reciprocal roofs can support heavy loads, even living roofs because added weight tightens the skylight joints and make them stronger. "The Starlet" will now serve as a rain and shade structure for our Natural Building workshops and as a creative space. Cost of PVC pipe was $50, tarp was $30, and rope stakes and other materials were another $50. Making total cost around $130.  Please contact for round structure building workshops and more information.


  1. They handled everything better than I could have hoped. I would gladly recommend them to anyone who doesn't want to deal with the insurance hassle. Thanks again guys! Roof looks great!
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